About SkyPort

SkyPort is a wireless, dedicated communication channel, that provides high-speed Internet-access. This product is supported by modern 4G technologies and has a number of important advantages. In particular, SkyPort users are provided with an established and identical speed in both directions from 10 to 300 Mbit /s, static IP-address and absolutely unlimited traffic. This product can be provided both in populated areas and in areas with undeveloped infrastructure, regardless of the coverage area of ​​SAZZ 4G. Another advantage of the service is mobility. If the address will be change in the future, the subscriber can apply to reinstall the SkyPort equipment.SkyPort can be used both as a primary and backup channel, providing complete reliability in terms of data security. Although the product is mainly intended for corporate purposes, ordinary users can use it.


For more information about SkyPort service, please contact with our hotline number 191.