SAZZ USB modem - It allows to access the Internet from anywhere within the Sazz Internet network coverage area. You can surf the net from your office, in your home, in your apartment, in the park or while you are on the move in your car. And it's a plug-n-play.

29 AZN - including VAT


SAZZ OX350I - External stationary modem. The modem is connected to PC via LAN cable. Wi-fi zone can be created with a Wi-fi router (optional). The modem is installed by our technicians.

200 AZN including VAT

SAZZ DX350 - is an indoor CPE that is ideal for the Small Office Home Office (SOHO) environment. The system provides network connections that are always on, supporting immediate access to the Internet and other IP services at high data rates.

150 AZN - including VAT